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The Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA for short has been working on reducing pollution since 1970. Their efforts to protect the environment have led their attention to help reduce the emissions from fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. These efforts were implemented in two phases the most recent being phase 2 which was implemented in 2015. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves could qualify for phase 2 by having an emission rating of 5.1g/kg or lower. This means that for every Kilogram (~2.2 lbs.) of fuel that was burned there would only be 5.1 grams (~0.01 lbs.) emissions that were released into the atmosphere. Masonry Fireplace Industries, Inc. is the proud home of the Mason-Lite PUREBURN system which has an emissions rating of 2.65g/kg, making it the cleanest burning of all the phase 2 qualified masonry fireplace wood-burning systems to date.

The Mason-Lite PUREBURN wood-burning system uses a patented wood-burning grate with a natural gas or propane burner to assist in the burning of wood to achieve the low emissions rating of 2.65g/kg. The Mason-lite PUREBURN system’s burner and grate set itself apart from the other EPA phase 2 masonry fireplace woodburning systems because; the Mason-Lite PUREBURN system does not use a catalytic combustor or glass doors to reduce emissions. By removing the Catalytic system and the glass doors the PUREBURN system helps to reduce the cost of installation and removes the problems associated with catalytic converter systems.  Learn more about the Mason-lite Pureburn system.