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What are Some of the Advantages of Choosing a Masonry Fireplace?

No matter if you are a first-time homeowner or operate a successful business, there are many advantages to installing a lightweight and cost-effective modular masonry fireplace in your space. We here at Masonry Fireplace Industries, Inc. specialize in providing our clients with top-quality masonry fireplace options to suit a multitude of environments and needs. Let’s discuss just a few of the benefits that our customers enjoy as a result of choosing one of our Mason-Lite products.

Cleaner Wood-Burning Options

Achieving efficient temperature control is a major component in operating any comfortable space, indoor or out. No one appreciates a drafty room or unheated patio on a cold day. Likewise, nobody should settle for paying expensive heating bills when there are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly options available.

Mason-Lite masonry fireplace systems are designed, constructed, and installed with energy and air quality standards in mind. For instance, our Mason-Lite PUREBURN wood-burning system ( pushes industry standards by achieving an impressive 2.65g/kg emissions rating—considerably less than EPA Phase 2 ( guidelines. Not only does the PUREBURN system’s low emissions rating make it an ideal option for any client concerned about air quality, but it actually helps to keep installation costs down by eliminating the need for a catalytic converter or glass doors.

Versatile and Customizable

The fireplace has served as the center of attention in terms of home design and layout for thousands of years. Many buildings today are constructed with central heating included, but that doesn’t mean that the fireplace is any less of a feature in homes and businesses today. Our comprehensive selection of Mason-Lite modular fireplace systems includes both wood and gas-burning models, with multiple sizes and styles to choose from.

While a model like our Mason-Lite Rumford-style fireplace can add a touch of classic elegance to any décor scheme, many room sizes and layouts benefit from the versatility that our corner and three-sided units offer. For instance, a corner modular wood-burning fireplace is a great option for smaller and/or narrow spaces because it can still serve as a focal point in a room without taking up valuable floor space.

Maximize Useable Outdoor Space

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a fire with family and friends for food and festivities outside. Not only can an outdoor fireplace provide much-needed warmth in the winter months, but it can also help to deter insects during the summer. Family time outside also has the potential to turn into family mealtime whenever cooking goes fireside with the kiddos. And did we mention that Masonry Fireplace Industries, INC, takes outdoor cooking to the next level with our Toscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Beyond that, extending the amount of time that any outdoor space is useable throughout the year is good for business. A Mason-Lite prefab ( or masonry outdoor fireplace can transform the entire aesthetic of a restaurant patio or event venue. Guests congregate naturally around warm outdoor fireplace structures. This makes them a useful tool when considering dining and entertaining spaces. Likewise, warming an outdoor event venue can help to ensure that the space is profitable year-round.