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Sales Brochures

For more detailed information regarding the Mason-Lite fireplace system, please download any of the following sales brochures or call 800-345-7078.
  • Mason-Lite Catalog
  • Mason-Lite 4-page Brochure
  • Mason-Lite Bi-fold Brochure
  • Mason-Lite Linear Brochure
  • Mason-Lite Gas B-Vent Brochure
  • Mason-Lite Gas Vent Free Brochure
  • Mason-Lite Custom Fireplace Brochure
  • Opalescence Linear Burner Brochure
  • Toscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven
  • Virginiana Gas Log Brochure
  • Masonry Accessories Brochure
  • Mason-Lite PureBurn Brochure
  • Architectural Clay by MFI (Clay Chimney Tops)
  • Shroud Brochure


  • Outdoor Living Mailer
  • Linear Mailer
  • Assembly Mailer

Marketing POP Displays

  • Opalescence Linear Burner Vertical Display
  • Virginiana Gas Log Vertical Display
  • Contemporary Vertical Display
  • Traditional Vertical Banner
  • Original Vertical Banner Display
  • Linear Horizontal Poster

To ensure you have all the necessary supplies download the Mason-Lite Pre-Installation Checklist