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  • Can your Mason-Lite fireplace systems be installed on second stories?

    Yes, the Mason-Lite fireplace has been developed specifically for multi-level applications. Structural engineering is needed in these cases.

  • What are the advantages to using the Mason-Lite fireplace system?

    The advantages of the Mason-Lite fireplace system are its lightweight, ease of installation, quality construction and lack of inherent problems commonly found in traditional metal firebox systems. Mason-Lite is manufactured in the United States.

  • Where can I buy the Mason-Lite products?

    Mason-Lite is sold through our various distributors. Please contact us directly for a list of distributors in your area. We can be reached at 1.800.345.7078.

  • Do I need to have a mason install my unit?

    Any Mason-Lite fireplace installed in your home, should be installed by a technician trained in the procedures of installing a Mason-Lite fireplace.

  • How can I finish the fireplace?

    The Mason-Lite fireplace façade can be finished with any of the following noncombustible products, typically at a thickness of 1¼”: brick, marble, tile or stone. The exterior may be finished with the same noncombustible products, including wood siding as long as proper clearances are adhered to according to the installation instructions.

  • What is the cleaning process for a Mason-Lite fireplace system?

    The cleaning process involves an inspection every six months with cleaning once per year.