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Fireplace Specifications

Traditional Fireplaces

Rumford Style Fireplaces

  • MFP33-RM- 33″ Rumford Style Fireplace
  • MFP39-RM- 39″ Rumford Style Fireplace
  • MFP44-RM- 44″ Rumford Style Fireplace
  • MFP49-RM- 49″ Rumford Style Fireplace
  • MFP63-RM- 63″ Rumford Style Fireplace

Regal Fireplaces

Linear B-Vent Fireplaces

  • LMFP48 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP60 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP72 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP84 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP96 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP108 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP120 Linear B-Vent Fireplace
  • LMFP48-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
  • LMFP60-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
  • LMFP72-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
  • LMFP84-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
  • LMFP96-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
  • LMFP108-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
  • LMFP120-NT Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)

Vent Free Fireplaces

  • MFP39-49 Vent-Free Fireplaces
  • MFPST43-VF Vent-Free See Thru Fireplace

Linear Vent Free Fireplace

Traditional B-Vent Fireplaces

  • MGFP39- 39″ B-Vent Fireplace
  • MGFP44- 44″ B-Vent Fireplace
  • MGFP49- 49″ B-Vent Fireplace
  • MGFPST43- 43″ See Thru B-Vent Fireplace


Instruction Manuals

Wood Burning Manuals

  • Standard Wood Burning (MFP33/39/44/49/63)
  • Standard Wood Burning (MFP33/39/44/49/63) (FRENCH INSTRUCTIONS)
  • Standard Wood Burning (MFP33/39/44/49/63) (SPANISH INSTRUCTIONS)
  • MFP 75 Instruction Manual
  • See-Thru (MFPST43)
  • Regal Unit Instruction Manual (MFP72-RGL-MFP120-RGL)
  • Wood Burning Clearance Mantel Guide

B-Vent Instruction Manuals

  • Gas B-Vent (MGFP39/44/49)
  • See-Thru Gas B-Vent (MGFPST43)
  • LMFP Linear B-Vent Manual
  • Linear Burner Riser Block Installation

Vent Free Instruction Manuals

  • Vent Free Manual
  • See Thru Vent Free Manual
  • Virginiana Vent Free Burner Manual
  • Opalescence Vent Free Burner Manual

Accessory Instruction Manuals

  • Firebrick Panel Instructions
  • Masonry Arch
  • Clay Flue Liner Instructions
  • Pureburn Instructions
  • Pureburn Electronic Ignition Installation
  • Shroud Instructions
  • Metal Base Installation
  • Damper Block Instruction

Custom Unit Documents

  • Chimney Sizing Chart
  • Custom Unit Instructions

DuraChimney Documents

  • DuraChimney II Catalog & Instructions
  • DuraTech Catalog & Instructions
  • Duravent Type B Gas Vent Catalog & Instructions

Enervex Documents

  • RS Chimney Fan Specs & Instructions
  • ADC 100, ADC 150 Fan Speed Control
  • RSHT Chimney Fan Specs & Instructions

KW Fan Documents

  • KW Fan Controls Specs and Instructions
  • RSD Fan Specs and Instructions

Fire Ring Instruction Manual

  • Mason-Lite Fire Ring (Discontinued)

Flooring, Footing & Hearth Documents

  • Recessed Flooring Instructions
  • CMU Base Layout
  • Footing for Outdoor Fireplace
  • Hearth Rebar Locations (All Sizes)
  • Seismic Zoning Map
  • Metal Base Spec Sheet

Gas Burner Instruction Manuals

  • Virginiana Standard Burner Manual
  • Virginiana Jumbo Slim Gas Logs Installation Manual
  • Virginiana Lucent Installation Manual
  • Virginiana See Thru Burner Manual
  • Opalescence LED Linear Burner Manual (For LMFP units with Trough)
  • Opalescence Lumiere Instruction Manual
  • Opalescence Vent Free Burner Manual
  • Alpine Burner Manual (For LMFP units with Trough)
  • Mason-Lite Minimum Fireplace Dimensions Flyer

Listing Documents

  • ESR Report (Includes LABC and LARC)
  • S1 Report

Masonry Chimney Documents

  • Masonry Chimney Specifications
  • Masonry Chimney Instructions (with offset)
  • Masonry Chimney Stack Example
  • Masonry Chimney Anchor Plate Damper Instructions

Pizza Oven Specs and Instruction Manuals

  • Toscana Pizza Oven
  • Toscana Golia Pizza Oven Manual
  • Toscana Golia Pizza Oven Spec
  • Pizza Oven Cooking Tips & Tricks

Various Application Instruction Manuals

  • Mason-Lite Specification Sheet
  • Pre-Installation Checklist
  • Fireplace Installation Information
  • Firebrick Per Unit and More
  • Certified Mason-Lite Mason Certificate
  • Homeowner Curing Instructions
  • Mason-Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Mason-Lite MAP Pricing