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Turn your fireplace dreams into reality!

We will help you design a safe, yet aesthetically beautiful custom fireplace for your indoor or outdoor living space. You provide the opening size, style and application and we will handle the rest. Custom sizes within the parameters of 38.5” tall and 120” wide are UL127 listed. When you have a project outside of those sizes we make the units to meet the NFPA211 standard. Past projects include fireplaces up to 30 feet wide and some with 6-foot-plus opening heights. With Mason-Lite custom fireplaces, the possibilities are endless.

Mason-Lite’s fully customizable fireplaces meet NFPA 211 requirements; there is no customizing in the field because we ship your fireplace as a pre-cut, complete kit. Custom fireplaces are available in wood-burning, gas burning, and vent-free; and with linear, single-sided, see-through, corner, 3-sided, and 4-sided options. Choose Mason-Lite’s optional Virginiana Logs systems or Opalescence Linear Burner systems or maybe you’ve chosen your own interior firebox media to finish your beautiful and unique fireplace.

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All Mason-Lite products are 100% USA Sourced & Manufactured
  • Lightweight construction

  • Chimney fans available for difficult venting configurations

  • Limited Lifetime warranty

  • NFPA211 Approved


  • Do multi-sided fireplaces need power venting?

    In many cases this is necessary. The Mason-Lite team can help determine when fans are necessary. When in doubt, we highly recommend you pre-wire for power venting.

  • Do Mason-Lite custom fireplaces have brick panel options?

    We can accommodate in limited sizes only. Otherwise, you will need to have the firebrick hand-laid by a mason.

  • Can I do any size custom I’d like?

    Generally, yes. We just need the dimensions. Please fill out our custom quote form.

  • Do I need an angle-iron?

    Yes. You will need to buy it locally. Our Mason-Lite team can help you determine the correct size.