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Just as our family roots are often exposed by a regional accent or devotion to a specific sports team, many people are steadfast in their affection for the style of pizza that represents their hometown or state. For instance, you may be hard-pressed to convince someone from Illinois that a classic New York-style pizza is worth its weight against their beloved deep-dish pie. That’s why no one at Masonry Fireplace Industries, INC, recommends trying to defend your pie’s honor with words alone. No, we say let your pizza do the talking and you’re sure to win over hearts and taste buds. Our Toscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven has your back. Designed to be assembled onsite using interlocking components and masonry mortar, our outdoor pizza ovens bring the party outside with the promise of tasty bites and good times. In this article, we explore just a few of the iconic pies from across the country that can be recreated with our exclusive prefab outdoor masonry pizza oven.

California Pizza

This pizza is as diverse as its namesake state. Top your pie with everything from saucy barbecue chicken to plump artichoke hearts and you have yourself a California pizza. In fact, all you really need to make a delicious California pizza is quality crust and a healthy imagination. Are you tired of traditional tomato-based pizza sauce? Try pesto sauce as the foundation of your personalized creation. Creamy goat cheese is a tantalizing substitute for mozzarella, and also happens to pair brilliantly with fruit like apples and pears. Yep, fruit-topped California pizzas are a trend at least in part due to the fact that they are uniquely suited to be served as an appetizer or dessert even.

Neapolitan Pizza

No matter if you can trace your family roots directly back to the old country (Italy) or the new (New York), you may have grown up savoring the simple deliciousness that is the Neapolitan pizza.  The crust is definitely the star of the show here, and it all begins with the dough. First fermented and then stretched thin, the crust really reaches its full potential when it is baked in a wood-burning oven. The Toscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven is an important ingredient in creating the crisp yet airy crust that Neapolitan pizza lovers hold so dear because it can achieve superior temps and air circulation than many standard ovens.

Colorado Mountain Pie

Topped with a mountain’s worth of fixings, this regional favorite has been a fixture on the pizza scene since the 1970’s. The crust is hand rolled and twisted into a delectable pan shape complete with a “handle” that can double as dessert when ripped off and dipped in honey. Did we mention that you can take your own Colorado Mountain Pie to the next level by filling it like they do in the Centennial State, where the size of pie is measured in pounds instead of inches?

At the end of the day, everyone is a little happier with a slice of homemade pizza in hand. Gathering friends and family around your own outdoor wood fired masonry pizza oven is the first step in securing your pie’s place among the hitmakers. Just be prepared for everyone to come back for seconds.