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Mason-Lite’s Masonry Chimney

The masonry chimney is comprised of two pieces, 8” in height: an inner and outer liner that must beused together. We offer individual sections as well as 4’, 8’ and 16’ kits.

Masonry Chimney Offset

Four inches in height, offsets can be used in installations where the chimney is not completely vertical. Support is required for every 5th offset.

Masonry Brick Ledges, Crown & Cap

The brick ledges are designed to hold brick and stone facing for the chimney above the roof line. The cap & crown are used as a weather guard and finishing touch.


Dampers are required for indoor applications. Mason-Lite offers several damper options: metal anchor plate/damper for masonry chimney; cast iron damper (damper blocks included); anchor plate/damper for metal chimney.


  • Can I use either metal or masonry chimney on a Mason-lite fireplace?

    Yes, both are approved.

  • Is the masonry chimney the same pumice material as the Mason-Lite fireplace?


  • Can I offset masonry chimney?

    Yes. Special offset parts are used, and every 5th offset must be supported.

  • What is the 4” starter piece?

    This is used to off-set mortar joints- just another way Mason-Lite is looking out for your safety.

  • Can I install a fireplace on the 2nd floor using masonry chimney?

    No. Metal chimney is required to keep the weight at a minimum. Wood or solid fuel burning units need to have clearances to wood under pinnings using a metal base or CMU block construction. Units on a wood floor must use metal chimney and cannot use a masonry chimney system. Please check with your structural engineer to make sure there is enough support for masonry fireplace.


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