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At Mason-Lite, an expert team with over a century of experience in the fireplace building industry provides homeowners, architects, and builders with top quality masonry fireplaces.  One distinct advantage Mason-Lite offers is ability for consumers and builders to construct indoor and outdoor fireplaces via professional-grade masonry fireplace kits at a fraction of the cost of hand-built options.

Some consumers looking for way to add a fireplace to their living environment will consider metal fireplaces. While some metal fireplaces may offer lower costs or quick installation, they also are a lower quality choice.  As a result, you should consider masonry fireplaces kits from Mason-Lite, which are a cost-effective alternative.

Although metal fireplaces may replicate the look of masonry models, metal models, even higher-end ones, often have exposed metal and faux firebrick. Mason-Lite offers Firebrick Panels that are made with true firebrick and grout lines. In addition, most metal fireplaces only have the option of having a metal chimney, which can diminish their appearance. 

Overall, metal fireplaces are less durable than their masonry kit counterparts. Over time, metal fireplaces may be susceptible to rust, if exposed to water or moisture or develop cracks due to prolonged high-heat exposure. As a result, you may find yourself replacing a metal fireplace after just five to 10 years of use, but can expect a much longer life expectancy from Mason-Lite masonry fireplaces kits.

There are several other disadvantages to installing a metal fireplace in your home. Often, size options for metal fireplaces are limited. Why? Steel costs rise dramatically with the size of the metal firebox. As a consequence, most metal fireplaces are quite small. By contrast, you will not encounter the same size limitations with masonry outdoor or indoor fireplace kits.

Another challenge many metal fireplace owners face is wasted heat. Often, metal fireplaces leak heat to the rear and sides of their structure. Consequently, you may not find them effective in heating your room.

Undoubtedly, you will find that Mason-Lite’s comprehensive selection of fireplace kits offers you significantly higher quality masonry alternatives. The company’s factory-built wood-burning fireplaces come in seven standard sizes, and custom-built options are available. In addition, Mason-Lite’s wood-burning fireplaces feature concrete, modular fireboxes, but are half the weight of competitor’s masonry models. This gives you the flexibility to install a fireplace wherever you want – even in an upper-floor room or outside. Mason-Lite also offers masonry gas-burning fireplaces, which add elegance to any setting, and feature natural-looking logs and remote control for easy operation. Whether you prefer a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace, Mason-Lite’s lightweight masonry fireplaces are perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting.

When you are ready to upgrade your living environment with a new fireplace, you have many options, but should never compromise on quality. Metal fireplaces may offer low cost and quick installation, but are not even close to the quality offered by Mason-Lite’s selection of wood-burning and gas-burning masonry fireplaces.  You can turn to the fireplace experts at Mason-Lite to serve all your modular fireplace needs and help you create the beautiful living space of your dreams at an affordable cost.