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Mason-Lite lightweight outdoor fireplace kits help you realize your dream of having an outdoor fireplace without major building infrastructure reinforcement.

With the best fit and finish in the industry, Mason-lite offers fireplaces in standard sizes of 33″, 39″, 44″, 49″, 63″, 75”, and a 43” see-through, as well as our linear fireplace sizes from 48” to 120”, and custom sizes; all with no damper required. Both vented and vent-free options are available. Consider Mason-Lite’s optional Opalescence burner for covered patio applications. Our fireplaces are approved for deck installations when using our metal base, or an appropriate alternative, for proper clearances. Finish the look with our optional herringbone or running bond firebrick panels for easy installation.

All Mason-Lite products are 100% USA Sourced & Manufactured
  • 50% Lighter than traditional site-built masonry fireplaces

  • Superior thermal efficiencies with the highest resistance strength-up to 1700 Degrees Fahrenheit at 28 days

  • Meets or exceeds federal, state, and local construction building code requirements

  • Limited Lifetime warranty

  • USA and Canada approved


  • Do I need a damper for my outdoor fireplace?

    No damper is required for outdoor applications.

  • Do you have masonry and metal chimney options for outdoor?


  • Do I need firebrick even if it’s an outdoor fireplace?

    All fireplaces require inner firebrick lining.

  • Can I have a customized fireplace for outdoors?

    Yes. We just need the dimensions. Please fill out our custom quote form.