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Class A Air-Cooled and Packed Pipe

Mason-Lite is approved with any UL 103 listed metal chimney- used in gas and wood applications. For your convenience, we have partnered with DuraVent. Available in DuraChimney II and DuraTech.


B-Vent is a GAS ONLY metal chimney with smaller diameters. For those fireplaces requiring complicated chimney runs, B-Vent may be just the answer.

Enervex Exhausto Fan

Designed to help with negative air pressure, Exhausto fans are used for the more challenging drafting issues such as see-throughs and short chimneys.


Mason Lite’s Decorative steel and copper chimney pots offer an alternative to unsightly factory flue caps and terminations, improving the aesthetics of chimney tops while offering additional protection from the elements. Designed to replace all-flue factory flue caps, these work in conjunction with gas and direct-vent flue caps. Made of Kynar steel or solid 16 oz. copper, they are available in 4 designs – Arlington, Sussex, Charleston and Dover in 4 colors- Natural Copper, Matte Black, Dark Bronze and Storm Grey.


  • Can I use either metal or masonry chimney on a Mason-lite fireplace?

    Yes, both are approved.

  • Is metal chimney as safe as masonry chimney?

    Yes. When using UL103 listed metal chimney, it is equally safe and more flexible than using masonry chimney.

  • Do I need a ceramic fiber blanket between the masonry dome and the metal anchor plate?

    Not necessarily. You can use tap-con screws with high-temperature silicone sealant instead.

  • Do I need a damper?

    You will need a damper for indoor applications.

  • Can I use more than a 30 degree offset?

    For Class A, All-Fuel the maximum degree is 30. You can use a 45 degree offset with B-vent chimney.

  • When can I use B-vent chimney?

    B-vent if for GAS-ONLY applications, regardless of indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Are Mason-Lite fireplaces approved with Air-cool pipe?

    Yes, and some prefer to use Packed-pipe/Insulated pipe for colder environments. Both are approved provided they are UL103 listed.


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