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Having an outdoor brick fireplace used to be seen as something of a luxury, but with costs actually falling now, it is a home improvement which is becoming far more popular these days. We all strive somehow to enhance and increase our available living space and this becomes more important as our families grow larger and our children grow into teens wanting their own space. One way of accomplishing an additional ‘living room’ into your home is to fully utilize whatever outdoor space you do have available by having an outdoor brick fireplace constructed. This will enable you to enjoy the back yard no matter what the time of year may be.

And why stop at a brick outdoor fireplace in your back yard? If you carefully consider things such as planting and seating, this really can be a room for you to enjoy all year round. By planting at the perimeter of your property, you will not only have privacy from your neighbours, but also the ability to screen your space from winds. This will make it a more intimate and cosy space.

Good plants to act as screens include the fast growing evergreen known as ‘Green Giant’ or Thuja.  This is a variety which may eventually reach 40’-50’ or more in height, and also grows to an impressive 15’-20’ wide.  It’s an excellent plant for those with large landscapes wanting a tall screen but could well be too large for smaller lots. ‘Chindo’ Viburnum is another fast grower which can reach 15’-20’ in height and 8’-10’ in width. Be sure not to plant these where the branches could grow to extend over your backyard fireplace. This is an evergreen viburnum with large, shiny, dark green leaves and has the added bonus of occasionally producing clusters of red berries in the fall, making it a perfect choice for those wanting a stylish outdoor Christmas party.

Just imagine how much extra use you could get from your yard during a time of year when most people wish to stay indoors. Good, comfortable seating would complete the look and make your yard a perfect space for family get-togethers. Brick outdoor fireplaces have the added advantage of also making your home a more desirable prospect should you ever make the decision that you would like to sell and move on. Many families would welcome the prospect of having usable outdoor living space as an added bonus.

Due to the worldwide recession, many people are now choosing, (or having to,) stay at home rather than taking vacations. Taking full advantage of your outdoor brick fireplace and back yard by making it more comfortable means that even though you may have a ‘stay-cation’ you can do it in comfort. Think ahead of the game. Often times it is best to purchase items when they are out of season; that is when you are most likely to get a bargain. Look around for end of season sales on outdoor furniture to complete your outdoor living space and you may be surprised at how little in total you will spend, even taking into account the cost of your outdoor brick fireplace.

We also have a choice of prefab outdoor fireplace kits to choose from, so no matter what your tastes are, you can be sure we will find one to suit your personality.

Advantages of Prefab Outdoor FireplacesPre-fabricated or prefab fireplaces for the outdoors are another viable option, dependant on your requirements.