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To complete your indoor and outdoor installation, Mason-Lite offers a comprehensive line of optional accessories. From logs and burner options to brick panels, from masonry accessories to our metal chimney, we’ve got you covered.

True Firebrick Panels

Mason-Lite offers true firebrick panels for quick and easy installation. Mason-Lite does all the labor for you.

Available in split herringbone, split running bond, and full running bond; and in 3 colors – Black, Cream, and Buff.

Outside Air Kit

Because homes are being built so tight, many jurisdictions are requiring additional outside air to make up for negative air pressure. For convenience, the kit comes pre-drilled for this application.

Mason-Lite Rumford Height Kit

A Rumford look is still a popular choice for those who prefer a taller opening than wide. Consisting of a rear wall and 2 side walls, the height kit increases the opening by 8”. When using this option, appropriate chimney size must be evaluated.

Architectural Clay by MFI

Traditional hand-made Clay Chimney Pots dramatically complete Mason-Lite fireplace installations by creating a stunning architectural statement. These clay pots are manufactured from materials that will not fade or deteriorate and will remain for generations to come. Matching clay rain-guards are available in round and octagonal and support bases are available in copper or stainless steel. With 14 designs and sizes in 6 colors and finishes, your impressive home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

PureBurn™ Systems

With air quality regulations becoming more restrictive, we’re pleased to introduce our patented PureBurn™ clean-burning fireplace. Available for use in MFP33, MFP39, MFP44, MFP49 and MFP63 models, this specially designed PureBurn™ burner system uses natural gas or propane to assist the wood-burning process. The result? Your masonry fireplace will burn cleaner than ever before. If your local building codes require an EPA Phase II qualified fireplace, we have it for you – PureBurn™.

  • EPA Phase II qualified
  • Electronic ignition offered for safety
  • Dual fuel fireplace system
  • Patented design – Patent No.: US D725,258 S


Mason-Lite’s decorative steel and copper chimney pots/shrouds offer an alternative to unsightly factory flue caps and termination caps, improving the aesthetics of chimney tops.

In addition, they offer extra protection from the elements. Made of Kynar steel or solid 16 ounce copper, these shrouds are available 4 colors and 4 designs.

Metal Base

Our 6” and 8” black powder-coated bases are used for installations on combustible floors or second story applications. The base kit includes cement board and all necessary brackets for a safe and proper installation.

Stainless Steel Cap

Our line of chimney caps are strong and durable made of high grade materials. Back by a Lifetime Warranty, that will provide years of reliable service. Available in stainless steel and copper.

Mason-Lite Steel Throat Damper

Mason-Lite’s very own steel throat dampers have been designed specifically to fit in the Mason-Lite fireplace throat. Damper blocks are not required. This damper fits perfectly in the MFP33, MFP39, MFP44, MFP49 and the MFP63.

Droptine Fire Poker

This accessory is an innovative and intelligent solution to issues associated with adjusting and moving burning logs in fireplaces or firepits

MFI Hi-Temp Mortar

Our exclusive high-temp mortar is included with every fireplace kit. Mason-Lite takes safety very seriously, and we want to make sure the proper HIGH-TEMPERATURE mortar is used in every application. Also sold separately.

Customizable Masonry Arch Kit

The masonry arch kit consists of 2 pieces that can easily be mortared in to give a custom look.


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