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Firstly, you may ask, “What is a modular outdoor fireplace?” A modular fireplace consists of a number of components which are assembled together to form the fireplace itself. They are normally comprised of two vertical sides and a back on top of which is placed the horizontal lintel, also known as the frieze or headstone. Above the lintel then will be either a mantel shelf or alternatively a number of horizontal components which sometimes would include a ‘cushion’ stone.

At Mason-Lite, the modular outdoor fireplaces we supply have been constructed with safety, efficiency and great attention to detail in mind. All of these are factors ensure that any party or family gathering you hold in your back yard will be a successful one, no matter what the weather might hold. 

Mason-Lite factory-built masonry modular fireplaces are available in many different sizes, there is even a 43″ see through model available! These modular concrete fire boxes are the lightest in weight in their class and yet have the highest heat-resistant strength currently available on the market. We are proud to announce that they meet, or indeed exceed, all federal and state seismic building code prerequisites, as well as all local seismic construction requirements.

Value and convenience are probably the most important considerations for builders and homeowners alike when they are considering purchasing a modular outdoor fireplace and this is where Mason-Lite comes into its own. These modular fireplaces are around half the cost and also weigh around half of what a traditional masonry wood burning fireplace would weigh. Due to the lightweight design, these modular fireplaces are easy to transport and therefore come with lower costs for both shipping and handling.

Outdoor living or extending your home into your yard means you make the very most of every inch of available space that you have at your current home; this is far less expensive than considering moving to a larger property. This is one of the reasons why it is beneficial to create an outdoor space where you could place a modular fireplace; now you can enjoy your outside space not only in the summer but also into fall and even winter months. Just imagine how pretty it would be to have a Christmas party in a snow-filled wonderland and yet still be warm and toasty in front of your outdoor modular fireplace.

For further information on how to take full advantage of your outdoor space, by transforming it into another ‘living’ room, please take a look at the following pages:

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