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I can’t stay quiet. While working a recent job including several large custom units we encountered some complications with the installation. The team at Mason-lite was fast and thorough with the help they offered and even talked directly to the home builder and the installer to clear up any questions. What I thought was going to be incredibly difficult actually ended up being simple and a great learning experience because of the staff at Mason-lite. Their products are awesome and the people make them all the better.

Tyler T.

Thanks for all the help!  I have to say, you all are one of the best companies to deal with.  Anytime I have an issue, you all are on top of it and able to resolve it.  I appreciate all your help with getting us set up and going.  We have been extremely happy with the progress we’ve made in regards to the number of units we are selling.  We plan to continue to get more aggressive with our marketing to steadily increase those numbers. Thanks again.

Robbie S.

I love the Mason Lite product and all the different configurations and applications that Mason-lite provides.  The customer service is always top notch and spot on.  I always get the information I need quickly my orders ship much quicker than others I have had to use in the past.  Keep up the great work!

Thomas L.

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Mason-Lite to you. During the past several years we have been working with Mason-Lite for all of our fireplace needs. Mason-Lite offers a high quality product and excellent service. They stand behind their products they manufacture and represent. When we were first approached by Mason-Lite to represent them in our market I was a bit skeptical. We had been purchasing from a company a lot closer to us than California. I did not feel they could offer the support and service we were getting from a company 1,100 miles closer. We decided to give them a “try”. We ordered our first truck load and received the product well within the time frame we were being quoted from their competitor. Mason-Lite also addressed one of my concerns and that was since the product is coming from so far away how would they address broken pieces. The company we had been buying from would tell us to have the mason “use tempered mortar” to put the broken pieces back together. I never felt comfortable telling one of our good customers to fix this problem in the field. They had just spent thousands of dollars and we were telling them to just “mortar” it back together. This had caused us to lose customers in the past. Mason-Lite assured me if we had a problem with a broken piece or pieces they would send out replacements at no charge. We have only had that problem arise once, and true to their word, they sent us another piece. With that said, the way Mason-Lite packages their product all but eliminates breakage problems. The way they package their product is far superior to that of the competition. It is apparent they take great pride in their company and their products. I highly recommend Mason-Lite to all of our customers without hesitation. 

Joe M.

That nice little presentation at the restaurant back in March keeps paying off as one of the small architectural firms that attended is using two Mason-Lite Fireplaces in a new farmhouse to be built shortly. I am just amazed at how much business we have received just from that Presentation and I can’t wait to do another one!!

Ralph H.

Our guys did the first installations with Mason Lite and to say they were stoked when they got done is an understatement. All the way down to the packaging was tremendous. We installed two completely with flue runs in about 7 hours total. Because of the ease of installation, packaging, and fit and finish we are going to be promoting Mason Lite over our other Modular Masonry fireplace system we offer. Please send out a thank you to your people at the factory for producing the best Masonry Modular systems in the industry.

Scott C

During a training exercise in Atlanta, a participant stepped aside for a quick phone call. When he stepped back in and saw the progress made with dry-stacking the unit, he laughed and said “now that’s a testimonial! I was gone for just a few minutes and the fireplace is almost completely set up!” All participants have worked with all our competitor’s product, and all agreed that Mason-Lite was clearly the easiest and nicest product.

An account in Alabama used to get his [competitor’s product] just 40 minutes away. Because he had so many quality issues, he felt it was worthwhile to buy from Mason-Lite in California. We did a Lunch & Learn for his hardscapers from 8AM-2PM. We dry-stacked and tore down a fireplace at least 5 times for demonstrations in that time period. The same account also said he didn’t think our brick panels would sell in his market. Therefore, his truck order did not include the panels. When I got to the L&L he said to me “You are allowed to say ‘I told you so!’ It took me a day and a half to put fire brick in my display! Your panels would have taken 20 minutes! Now I get it!!” His next order included brick panels.