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Vent Free fireplaces are growing in popularity across the United States. Just some of the advantages of a Mason-Lite Vent Free fireplace include:

    • No chimney expense
    • Ability to add a fireplace in areas that vented fireplaces would not allow (ex. Below a window)
    • Reduced BTU expenditure (less gas usage=lower monthly gas bill)
    • More radiant heat in your living space
    • Reduced installation time to its’ wood burning fireplace equivalent (under two hours)
    • Outdoor fireplace applications allowing for an unobstructed view

The U.S. Fireplace regulations are constantly changing by state, as well as by city. Be sure to check your local building codes to confirm the proper, safe and legal installation for a Vent Free Fireplace in your area.

Mason-Lite designed our Vent Free fireboxes to have a small dome above the opening to give the illusion of a chimney above the unit. This design is beneficial for fireplaces with a raised hearth and gives you the negative space that a standard vented fireplace unit would show. For those who are very short on space we do offer a flat top version as well.

Please see our attached brochure for more information on Mason-Lite Vent Free Fireplaces.

Vent Free Brochure

Vent Free System Specs

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