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Attention Mason-Lite Customers,
At Mason-lite we always strive to progress in both Product and Service quality. This month we are enacting a product improvement that will increase our production and quality of our Fireplaces. As many of you know, for years we have been offering a “Dry Mix” product for our standard MFP33, MFP39, MFP44, and MFP49. Reserving a wet mix (Our traditional formula) for our more unique fireplaces such as the MFP63, MFP75, MFPST43 and all custom fireplaces. Through new engineering practices we have developed production practices to allow all standard depth units to be made entirely with Dry Mix Parts.
–       Extremely tight fit and finish
–       Increased accuracy in level and square (Fewer to no shims needed)
–       Parts will match in color and texture
–       Increased rate of production
–       Increased rate of replacement part production (When needed)
We are excited for you to see and feel the improved quality going forward. For now, the photo below is a good sample of what is to come (Shown Dry-stacked). Please contact us with any questions about the new design.
The Mason-Lite Team

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