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Santa Ana, CA – January 15, 2007 – Masonry Fireplace Industries, LLC, (MFI) announces the launch of its website which features Mason-Lite, its premier product, a uniquely designed lightweight masonry fireplace system that is affordable, easy to handle, and consistent in quality.

Unlike the pre-built masonry fireplace systems manufactured in Europe which are heavy and expensive for most U.S. builders, the Mason-Lite masonry fireplace system costs 50% less than traditional hand-built masonry fireplaces and is half the weight of competitive products.

These modular concrete fire boxes are the lightest in weight in their class with the highest heat resistant strength on the market. They meet or exceed all federal, state, and local construction building code requirements.

According to Masonry Fireplace Industries co-founder, Bill Harris, “Masonry fireplaces can create instant ambience of luxury for a house. However, a custom masonry fireplace usually requires the skills of a talented craftsman to create consistent quality results. Until now, mass production of masonry fireplaces with consistent quality and affordability has not been possible. Mason-Lite solves the problem by creating a superior product that is affordable, easy to install, lightweight, and consistent in quality.”

Masonry Fireplace Industries, LLC was started in 2005 by a group of individuals who together, have nearly 100 years of experience in the fireplace manufacturing business. Since 1966 the partners of MFI have developed and manufactured fireplaces for U.S. builders. They envisioned the need for a lightweight masonry fireplace, and Mason-Lite is their premier product.

Building suppliers and home builders looking to partner with MFI to distribute Mason-Lite may contact MFI at 800.345.7078.

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