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Mason-Lite’s Toscana Pizza oven has been receiving outstanding reviews since its summer release. With its initial testing done, we were excited to find the Toscana Pizza oven was capable of cooking a multitude of signature dishes and ingredients, as well as fire crackled pizza. Due to these exciting findings our Toscana Pizza can now also be used as a stone oven, able to create more than just a gourmet wood fired pizza. Many satisfied customers report great successes with items like; steaks, artisan breads, and wonderful baked desserts in their custom made stone oven. Make sure to be conscious of the temperature in the stone oven so that you can cook a wide variety of delicacies to perfection. We would like to encourage any owners of our stone ovens to experiment with your oven. Please send in any new stone oven recipes for a chance to have your name, recipe, stone oven picture posted on our website. There are no limits to your creations!

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