Masonry Chimney

This Masonry Chimney is comprised of two pieces: an inner liner section with a  14″ diameter flu  and an outer liner section. Inner and outer  liners must be ordered together to function properly. We also offer both 4′ and 8′ systems. Other Chimney components that are offered are the Inner Liner Starter Section (necessary on any chimney system over 2 feet), the Offset Elbow Section, and Brick Ledge.  Please see our masonry chimney  specification sheet for more information.

Masonry Chimney Offset
This Masonry Chimney Offset offsets a vertical chimney 30°.
Masonry Brick Ledge
This Masonry Brick Ledge allows for Brick to be stacked on the outside of our masonry chimney system at the point the chimney exits the roof of the building.
IMG_6421 Masonry Chimney Cap
Use to terminate chimney as a rain cap and spark arrestor.
IMG_9615 Masonry Chimney Crown
Use to cover top of final outer liner



Download our product data sheet for more details on the Mason-Lite fireplace system.

Download the Instruction Manual

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