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Not sure your pizza is thoroughly cooked?

Pro Tip: When you feel confident that the pizza is fully cooked, we recommend doing what we call a “Tent Test”. The tent test consists of sliding your spatula under the middle of the pizza and tilting the spatula up. If the dough is still flexible and creates a “tent” of sorts, then you need to keep the pizza in the oven longer. The desired effect is that when you lift in the center, the outer edges lift as well. If you pull the pizza out and the dough is not fully cooked, cover the brick with coals again for a couple minutes and then put the undercooked pieces back in. If you feel your pizza is burning at any point, you can pull the pizza out for a minute for the brick to cool or spread the coals farther away if the edges are burning. When cooking multiple pizzas, we recommend you spread the coals over the cooking area again to make sure the brick stays hot- generally a minute or two will do. You are now ready to place the next pizza into the oven. If you are planning to cook multiple pizza over a longer period of time, you may need to add wood to replenishing your coal bed.  Please keep in mind, these ovens are not designed for commercial use and should not be used as such. A lot of your pizza making adventures will be trial and error. The most important thing is to have fun with it and be creative!


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