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Masonry Fireplace Industries
Press Release For Immediate Release
Masonry Fireplace Industries is pleased to announce changes in production methods starting in March 2012. For the last year and a half, MFI has been working on new tooling to improve the look, feel and quality of our fireplaces. The product strength has also improved. You will notice a color change and a more rough porous texture that will allow the mortar to adhere more easily.   
                 New Unit   

The assembly of the fireplace remains consistent with the earlier version except for the two piece lintel. It is structurally supported by a horizontal ‘T’ Bar. Instructions will be revised to reflect this change. This change will occur throughout the month of March and should be completed as our inventories of the earlier version are depleted. Models that are affected are the MFP33, MFP39, MFP44 and MFP49. 
We have updated our 10 year limited warranty to a limited lifetime warranty. This will be reflected in our new, updated manuals. We are working on new products to be announced soon. 

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