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Atlanta, GA – February 28, 2008– We are happy to announce that we have a few new products coming out in the next few months that we have been working hard on over the last quarter. We will be introducing and showing our new 10″ B-vent Gas Fireplace and Vent Free Gas Fireplace that will be available by February 15th. We will also be showcasing our new MFP63 Mason-lite due out by the end of March and our MFP43ST See-Thru Mason-lite expected in May. We are also working on masonry chimney to help in outdoor installations that lend themselves to a clean masonry look.

This month represents our first full year of shipping the Mason-lite and we appreciate everyone’s excitement and help in promoting this new product line into your market places. We had a very successful year and expect 2008 to continue the growth we are experiencing. We have accomplished a lot in developing a new standard or acceptance criteria for International Code Council (ICC), along with passing the seismic standards in California.

We have added an additional supply of premixed mortar that we have selected as a premium mortar for indoor applications. This Alsey mortar is less messy to use and gives us an additional optiop.. for a quality application. We have added firebrick panels that are made to fit our standard MFP39, MFP44 and MFP49 Mason-lites. These panels help for a quick, no mason process with a hand-built look. The panels only come in a tan firebrick at this time, in both Split Herringbone and Full Running Bond.

To help differ adjustments in costs that we have experienced from our suppliers over the last few months, we are adjusting our prices 5% to keep abreast of these inflating costs. The enclosed price list dated March 1, 2008 reflects those changes. We will continue to serve you with the highest customer service we hope you have enjoyed over the last year.

We have recently added a new set of architect and sales binders to better assist you in attracting the interest with your local architects and builders. These binders have drawings of all the current units in them and will soon have the CD-ROM available to instantly add these drawings to their blue prints. These drawings are also available online in PDF, DWG and DXT formats.

Masonry Fireplace Industries will continue to help you develop your market by sending you Internet leads from architects, builders and consumers. We are looking forward to working with you and building your business with Mason-lite in 2008! See you at HPBA!

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