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Bellingham, WA – September 18, 2007– Masonry Fireplace Industries, LLC (MFI) has passed strenuous seismic testing to complete their AC156 standards for the International Code Congress listing for Field Constructed Fireplace Systems (FDFS). This was a new acceptance criteria developed by MFI over the past 8 months and approved unanimously by the ICC Review Board in June. This new acceptance criteria (AC375) has made MFI the first fireplace manufacturer to develop a standard of this magnitude. These approvals will allow MFI’s products to be installed in all applications involving seismic areas and will give MFI recognition with all building officials worldwide.

MFI is announcing news on three new models of dedicated gas fireplaces in a partnership with the RH Peterson COmpany. The new models give MFI their first gas appliances to be added to the line of Mason-Lite fireplaces. The models are ranging from the 39″ unit at 55,000 btu’s, the 44″ at 70,000 btu’s to the 49″ unit at 85,000 btu’s. These high end dedicated gas units are approved with 10″ b-vent pipe with the included RH Peterson gas logs.

MFI announces completion of new, state of the art, test tower at their California production facility. “This new tower will allow MFI’s test engineers the ability to develop new and exciting products in the coming months,” said John Hornsby, one of the partners of MFI.

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