The Mason-Lite fireplace system is a cost-effective solution for installing a multilevel masonry fireplace. MFI provides services to custom home builders, fireplace suppliers, tract home builders, remodeling professionals, architects, and interior designers. If you are interested in finding out more about how MFI’s services can benefit you and your business please contact us.


Mason-lite Intro Video


Consumer Promo

Runtime: 1 min
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Training & Installation

Runtime: 8 min
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Toscana Pizza Oven Video

Runtime: 2 min

Mason-Lite DIY Video

Runtime: 3 min


Mason-Lite MFP44 Drystack Video

Runtime: 1 min


Mason-Lite Brick Panel Drystack Video

Runtime: 1 min


MFP 63 Seismic Test

Runtime: 1 min


MFP 49 Animation

Runtime: 16 sec


Sales Brochures

For more detailed information regarding the Mason-Lite fireplace system, please download any of the following sales brochures or call 800-345-7078.


Marketing POP Displays

To ensure you have all the necessary supplies download the Mason-Lite Pre-Installation Checklist

Technical drawings are available in the Architects section in both .DWG and .DXF formats.


Download instructions on how to install the Mason-Lite fireplace systems. Please visit our For Architects page for our instruction manuals.