Masonry Pizza Oven and Wood Burning Pizza OvenToscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven


The Perfect addition to your own outdoor kitchen. The long awaited Mason-Lite Toscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven brings ease to both the installation and operation of an outdoor masonry pizza oven. The Toscana Pizza Oven will give you the ability to cook your own mouth-watering custom pizzas from the privacy of your own backyard.

Mason-Lite is a company built on helping homeowners realize their dream of installing true masonry hearth products, without the cost and complexity of traditional masonry construction. Our latest product: the Toscana Wood Fired Pizza Oven continues this tradition as a prefabricated, refractory modular wood fired oven designed for field assembly. The system consists of interlocking precast components which adhere together with masonry mortar. Click here to view our Toscana Pizza Oven Brochure.


Important: Due to the heat and weight issues, the Toscana Wood Fired Oven, Table Top version installation requires a non-combustible base with no wood underpinnings, prepare custom base to handle the Toscana Oven 684 lbs. with optional base support weight 580 lbs. for a total of 1264 lbs. For more installation information check out our Toscana Pizza Oven Instructions.

Check out our installation video on youtube.



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