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Mason-Lite Accessories

At Mason-Lite we pride ourselves on our great products. We are not limited to only selling fireplaces, we also sell the accessories that aid in the installation of our Fireplaces. Some of these accessories include:






Masonry Chimney
This Masonry Chimney is comprised of two pieces: an inner liner section with a  14″ diameter flu  and an outer liner section. Inner and outer  liners must be ordered together to function properly. We also offer both 4′ and 8′ systems. Other Chimney components that are offered are the Inner Liner Starter Section, the Offset Elbow Section, and Brick Ledge.







Masonry Firebrick Panels
Our Masonry Firebrick Panels are easy to install, they come in full running bond or split herringbone. The set consists of two sides, a back and a bottom that fit our  standard firebox sizes of 33″-63″. We also offer a taller firebrick panel kit to fit the needs of a Rumford style Fireplace. Standard installation time is under an hour.






Damper Blocks
Mason-Lite Damper Blocks come as a three masonry blocks that are designed to lift a traditional vestal damper so that it fits our standard Masonry Fireplaces. These are available for our MFP 39, MFP 44, and the MFP49 models.





Masonry Arch
This Arch Kit consists of two pieces that are easily mortared in place to give that custom look to the fireplace. This Arch is available to fit models 33″-49″. The Masonry Arch is an extra piece that you can buy with your unit to add that custom feel.










Metal Base
This Metal Base is used for installation of Mason-lite fireplaces to offer the air clearance necessary for installation on combustible floors. This metal base will raise the 33″,39″,44″, 49″ the 6 inches needs for combustibles. We also offer 8 inch metal bases for the 43″(See-Through) and 63″ models. Check out the Hearth Rebar Locations to ensure proper stability.






Mason-lite Rumford Height Kit
This Height Kit consists of a rear wall and two side walls that will increase the height opening by 8″ from the standard opening (giving a Rumford look). With the new size opening be sure to check the Chimney Size Chart to ensure proper flu size. The Mason-lite Rumford Height Kit is compatible with standard fireplace boxes 33″-63″.










High Temperature Mortar
Each of our standard Firebox Kits comes with a 50 Lb. bucket of dry mortar. Each of these kits should come with plenty of mortar to install the firebox itself. If you are installing one of our brick panel kits or other masonry accessories you may need to purchase more high-temperature mortar for installation.

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