Modular Fireplaces Promise Both Form and Function

The basic concept of the household fireplace hasn’t changed in centuries, but that doesn’t mean that advances in fireplace design and construction haven’t hit the scene in recent years. We here at Masonry Fireplace Industries, INC, ( pride ourselves for being at the forefront of modular fireplace innovation, showcasing lightweight and affordable prefabricated fireplace systems that sacrifice nothing in the way of quality or design. In fact, several Mason-Lite products ( stand out for providing our clients with maximum functionality and style.

The Mason-Lite Gas B-Vent Fireplace System ( is a favorite among clients who are looking for a more environmentally friendly heating option that is convenient to use. For one thing, gas fireplaces like the B-Vent system are much cleaner to operate because they don’t burn wood. Prospective customers often appreciate the fact that the B-Vent gas fireplace does not produce any sparks or ashes. It also doesn’t hurt that the B-Vent chimney doesn’t require as much cleaning as other fireplaces either.

Another major feature of the B-Vent system that our clients value is the unit’s handheld remote control. Imagine warming your bedroom first thing in the morning by starting a roaring fire without even having to crawl out from beneath the sheets. And given that the B-Vent fireplace is constructed with the same light-weight masonry materials as our other top-quality products, the system can be safely installed on multiple floors and/or without many other domestic building code concerns. Of course, we always advise our clients to check local building codes before choosing any fireplace system.

Many first-time clients are surprised to learn that there is a model of fireplace that doesn’t even require a chimney. The Mason-Lite Vent-Free Fireplace ( is notable for its high thermal efficiency and lightweight construction. The vent-free fireplace system is a particularly cost-effective model, since its construction and shipping are considerably less expensive than other types of fireplace units.

Even though the vent-free fireplace system requires fewer structural components, it retains the same level of quality and style that Mason-Lite products are known for. The vent-free firebox itself can be styled with sophisticated masonry arches, for example, and vent-free gas logs can be added to complete the aesthetic that the client is hoping to achieve.

Mason-Lite See-Thru Fireplaces ( create the type of dramatic appeal that many clients crave in their décor schemes without having a similarly dramatic price tag attached. For one thing, the striking elegance of this style of fireplace design draws the eye right into and out the other side of the fireplace, adding dimension and intrigue to large and small spaces alike. It is for that very reason that many clients use Mason-Lite See-Thru fireplaces as features on walls that separate rooms. A stand-alone see-thru fireplace unit can also serve as a sculptural piece in its own right by being positioned on a pedestal.

Our custom see-thru fireplace units, like our other Mason-Lite products, are considerably more cost effective to construct, ship, and handle than traditional masonry fireplaces. Another thing about our see-thru fireplaces that clients are surprised to learn is the fact that these models measure up in heat tests too. Mason-Lite See-Thru fireplaces are heat resistant fire tested for up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Janelle Eckardt