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– Unit Display program

Display units are available and encouraged for all of our Distributors and Dealers. Our products that we offer for Display units include Fireplaces, Fire Rings, Pizza Ovens, Unfinished Fire Ring, the Patio Bar, the Fireplace Surround. We would love to get pictures of any finished display units.

-Point of sales displays

Our point of sales displays are 20″ by 10″ Laminated Foam board. They are available for locations already offering our products. In the past couple months we have been developing point of sales displays that we encourage our dealers, distributors and also our sales reps to use to help show our products. Our first point of sale display shows our Fireplace, Fire Ring, and Pizza Oven. This is great for showing our most popular products in finished form. Our second point of sales display we created to show the installation side of our fireplaces. It is very important to us to let the customers know just how easy it is to install our products.

-Miniature Fireplace Display

Our Miniature Fireplace displays are a great tool for our Distributors. The Miniature Fireplace display is perfect for a countertop display. This is a great visual aid for people who are not familiar with our products and would like a quick hands on experience.

-Most recent brochures and changes

We are constantly updating and adding new sales brochures to help our customers visualize our products and their applications. Recently we have made minor changes to both the 4 Page Brochure and the bifold brochure. We have updated the pictures to show the most recent look of our units and accessories(Arch and Masonry Chimney). We have also created a mailer specific to linear style units. This mailer is great to target architects because it sparks their creativity and they enjoy being able to design units to their specifications.

-New products- fire ring, patio bar and fireplace surround

We have added three new products to our extensive Product mix. These products are the Unfinished Fire Ring, Patio bar, the Fireplace Surround. The Fire Ring is an 8 piece set that easily fit together to create an unfinished Fire Ring. The Patio Bar is a grouping of panels that interlock with brackets to create a unique patio bar layout to meet any custom design. Lastly, the Fireplace Surround make an easy installation that will allow any type of finish to be installed on the exterior of the fireplace such as rock, veneer, stucco and more. We are working on sales literature for our newest products and will have them available soon.

-Social Media

In closing, we want everyone to be aware of our four major forms of social media networks that we are involved with. These networks include our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube We encourage you to join our Facebook and Twitter pages to help promote and extend our reach.

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