pizza1Pizza is an ever-popular culinary favorite. In fact, industry statistics reveal that 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly. Whether you prefer classic cheese or a unique pie loaded with toppings, you can make mouth-watering pizza at home, right in your own back yard. In fact, with an outdoor pizza oven, you can throw a memorable party with custom-created pizzas for every person on your guest list.

If you want to create a fun, festive pizza party, you should first learn about the best wood fired pizza oven. Many chefs note that cooking pizza in a wood-burning oven adds a distinct flavor that cannot be replicated by an indoor oven.
At Mason-Lite, we provide top-rated wood fired pizza ovens that can offer you the best outdoor pizza cooking experience. We are always happy to answer your questions about wood-fired pizza ovens:

  • What key characteristics of the best wood fired pizza oven?
  • How can you throw an outdoor pizza cooking party to impress family, neighbors, and friends?

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Select the Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood burning appliances are very popular among American homeowners. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association (HPBA) more than 200,000 wood-burning appliances shipped during 2013.

If you have made the decision to install a wood fired pizza oven in your outdoor space, you want to select the best model available. Here are some key characteristics of a top quality wood-burning pizza oven:

  • Modular design – if ease of installation and flexibility are key parameters, look for a modular, prefabricated pizza oven. Typically, such pizza ovens feature kits with interlocking, precast components. 
  • Multiple finish options – you want to select the wood fired pizza oven style that best complements your home or outdoor aesthetic. A good quality oven design will offer multiple choices, such as brick, stucco, rock, tile, and more.
  • U.S. made – take pride in installing a wood-fired pizza oven that is 100% made in the U.S.A. in your backyard. Show your national pride by selecting an oven that embodies decades of American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

You can also look for free-standing and tabletop model wood-burning pizza ovens. While the latter can save on space, you do need to provision for a non-combustible base for safety.

Prepare for Your Outdoor Pizza Party

When it comes to entertaining, preparation is key to success. If you want to throw a backyard pizza bash, start by compiling the best quality ingredients.

You can choose store-bought dough, but making your own adds an extra special homemade touch. To make dough you need water, flour, salt, and yeast. Here are basic steps for making a grill-worthy pizza crust:

  • Pour water to a large mixing bowl 
  • Add salt and allow it to dissolve
  • Add yeast and allow it to dissolve
  • Add flour slowly and hand mix to form a ball
  • Remove dough from bowl and knead on a floured work surface for 10 minutes
  • Cover dough with plastic rap or coat the surface with olive oil
  • Allow dough to rest for 10 minutes
  • Form dough into balls which you will ultimately flatten into pizza crusts
  • Store dough in an air-tight container in refrigerator overnight
  • Remove dough from refrigerator
  • Put dough balls on a smooth, flour-topped surface
  • Stretch dough into crust shapes

You should also prepare your pizza toppings in advance of your party. Many types of vegetables, fruits, and proteins work well on top of pizza. Think outside the box and consider creative toppings that might suit guests’ exotic palates. Some ideas include: asparagus, apricots, roasted pine nuts, smoked trout. A ready supply of classic toppings—such as pepperoni, black olives, and onions—are good options as well. Have a variety of cheese and spices ready to adorn every pie.

Which toppings to select depends on who is attending your party. Research shows that women are twice as likely to select vegetarian pizza; however, more than 60 percent of all pizzas contain some type of meat topping.

Of course, you need to provision for party supplies, such as table cloths, napkins, plates, and utensils. A flat pizza peel with a long handle can help you easily put your best party pizzas in your wood-fired oven. You should also have a good-quality pizza oven to slice the pies for easy sharing and taste-testing among your guests.

Let Your Guests Be the Pizza Chefs

One of the great things about pizza is its amazing versatility. You can please everyone—from little ones to avid foodies—with a do-it-yourself pizza menu. Simply layout a panoply of topics and let your guests pick-and-choose to create unique custom pizzas.

It is important to note that the process for cooking the best pizza in a wood-fired oven differs slightly from oven baking a pizza. When grilling pizza, you must cook both sides of the pizza dough first before adding toppings. As a result, you may not want guests to place toppings directly on the dough so that they remain safely away from the heat. Instead, have them assemble their choices on plates and allow the chef to take on the task of topping the delicious pizzas.

Also note: cooking times in the best wood fired pizza oven are brief. Typically, a wood-fired pizza is ready in just a few minutes, which makes it one of the best options for feeding a large group of hungry party guests.

Boost Your Entertaining Potential with the Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven

pizza2If you want to invest in a wood-fired oven for cooking pizza outdoors, you should select the best model available. At Mason-Lite, we have earned a reputation as a top-provider of modular outdoor fireplaces and pizza ovens of exceptional qualities. We offer wood-fired pizza oven kits that allow for easy installation and add to the ambiance of any outdoor environment.

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  • What are some secrets to outdoor entertaining?

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