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History of the Rumford Fireplaces

 And How Mason-Lite Brings Them To You

     Throughout the years Rumford fireplaces have been a staple of traditional fireplace style. Mason-Lite would like to honor such tradition with a brief history of how the Rumford Fireplace came to be and why it has withstood the test of time for over 200 years. The Rumford Fireplace originated in London England in the late 1700‘s. Named after it’s inventor, Count Rumford (Sir Benjamin Thompson), this style of fireplace became highly popular in London for its efficiency. Rumford designed the fireplace so that the firebox was reduced in depth but increased in height. He also reduced the opening to the chimney to aid the flow of air so that the smoke would draw up the chimney instead of into the houses. In reducing the depth of the firebox he angled the back walls to radiate the heat out into the room. The Rumford fireplace is still showing up in houses today; whether it’s the efficiency, the style, or the history, the Rumford Fireplace lives on.

     At Mason-Lite, we appreciate the significance of this style and would like to let you know that we have multiple ways of supplying you with your very own Rumford style fireplace. For the tall and narrow firebox look, try one of our standard units with height extensions (sold separately) to increase the height of your fireplace in 8” increments. For the complete Rumford look, fill out our custom order form to your own specification and have our team make your Rumford Fireplace dream a reality.



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