Mason-Lite had a successful show at the HPBA Show in Reno, NV. While attendance was down 35% from earlier shows, we had good, qualified hearth products professionals by our booth that were ready to start buying the Mason-Lite products. We had our large 63″ Mason-lite that took up half the booth. We introduced our new 12″ B-vented See-Thru Mason-Lite. Coming away from the show we have new prototypes for two new fireplaces, a 33″ Garden Fireplace as well as a large 75″ model. As they say bigger is better!

One of the biggest accomplishments this last year was obtaining our ICC-ES report #2401 that lets every building official in the country know that Mason-Lite is a safe and approved building product. We are dedicated to building the business with good strong distribution and a working relationship and commitment to the architects that are looking for better ways to install masonry style fireplaces, especially on second floor installations and wood floors.