At Mason-Lite, we want our customers to be able to enjoy their fireplace for years to come. To ensure the longevity of your fireplace all of our units require a firebrick liner. The firebrick liner creates a safer more reliable fireplace. By working as a shield to protect your fireplace unit from dangerous temperatures the firebrick panel helps preserve your fireplace from damage and prevents possible fire hazards. Mason-lite firebrick panels not only protect your fireplace from damage or fire hazards, they also reflect heat from the fireplace into the living space and add a classic look to your fireplace. The firebrick panels complement your fireplace by efficiently reflecting the heat into the living space, reducing the heat needed from your primary heat source.

Mason-lite Prefabricated Firebrick Panels come in two classic designs a full running bond and a split herringbone, with a new split running bond design coming soon. Mason-lite firebrick panels are light weight durable panels that are prefabricated and then installed on site. Unlike others who make their refractory Panels from one solid piece with imprints of bricks or are painted to appear as bricks, Mason-Lite Firebrick Panels are made with real Firebrick. The use of real firebrick in our panels gives you a genuine masonry firebrick lining for your Mason-lite Fireplace. A typical firebrick lining takes a Mason five to eight hours of labor to install with a Mason-Lite prefabricated firebrick panel installation is easy and only takes a matter of minutes. Mason-Lite firebrick panels truly make your fireplace an enjoyable part of your home.