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Mason-Lite Fireplaces is proud to announce that our fireplaces will be featured in an upcoming episode of “America’s Most Desperate Landscape” filmed in Mobile Alabama! What better way to transform your desperate landscape than to put in a brand-new Mason-Lite Vent Free Fireplace. The contractors had a very specific design to follow and our standard firebox did not quite fit; good thing Mason-Lite Fireplaces have a wide range of customizable options! They settled on a reduced depth, vent-free see-thru firebox that would make the dream backyard a reality.  The unit went up without a hitch and looks great! We were even able to have David, one of the homeowners, get his hands dirty and see just how simple our units are to install. The unit finished off wonderfully with our running bond brick panels and a beautiful Linear Burner from FireGear. Below you can see an unfinished photo of the unit. Check back in for the finished photos!!!

The episode will be Airing May 29th at 8 PM EST on the DIY Network.

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