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Custom Fireplaces- Past and Future

Custom fireplaces are a growing trend in the United States. Fireplaces are evolving to have many uses above the original purpose of heating a room. Whether it be setting the mood for a romantic night with a loved one, or a display of wealth and creativity in a five star hotel lobby, fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes. Our mission at Mason-Lite is to provide our customers with the perfect fireplace to set the tone and style for their specific needs, even if it requires customization.   







Rumford style fireplaces continue to be a staple of traditional fireplace design. Mason-Lite appreciates the significance of this style, and that is why we strive to have multiple ways of supplying our customers with our Rumford style fireplace. For the Rumford style tall and narrow firebox look, consider one of our standard units with height extensions (sold separately) to increase the height of your fireplace in 8” increments. For the complete Rumford look, our custom order form can be filled out at the link below. Provide us with the specific dimensions you desire and our engineers will prepare a quote.

Similar in popularity, Linear fireplaces are a rising demand as a modern fireplace option. Linear fireplaces can be most easily described as a fireplace with a shortened, wider opening. Mason-lite can provide the Linear fireplaces in two different options. The first option is ordering one of our standard units and reduce the height kits in 8″ increments until the ideal height is reached(Leaving the width standard). The second option allows an even more unique look, by filling out our custom order form at at the link below, you have the ability to create your own specifications and have our team make your Linear fireplace dream a reality.










The Rumford and Linear styles are just the beginning of the possibilities when it comes to custom fireplaces. Some other custom fireplaces options include three and four sided artistic see through units. For all of your custom needs visit . Be sure to check your areas building codes and chimney size charts for proper installation.

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