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Mason-Lite wood-burning models exceed EPA guidelines

When installing a new fireplace or replacing an existing one, the last thing homeowners want is to wade through the myriad bureaucratic levels of local, state, regional and federal clean air standards for home fireplace safety and emissions. Masonry Fireplace Industries, makers of Mason-Lite pre-cast modular masonry fireplace systems since 2005, utilizes more than 100 years of combined experience to take the worry out of fireplace installation and replacement. They understand the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations, thus ensuring that your fireplace meets or exceeds EPA Phase 2 guidelines. After all, when you’re curled up in front of the fireplace enjoying the warmth and the crackling sounds of burning wood, the last thing on your mind is air quality.

Masonry Fireplace Industries strives to keep pace with changes in the industry and in emission standards and guidelines and have introduced the Pureburn line of home wood-burning units. All models meet or exceed EPA Phase 2 standards for residential fireplaces, giving you years of worry-free use. Our products are independently tested by the PFS Corporation testing agency to meet or exceed the EPA’s guidelines and National Fire Protection Association standards. Mason-Lite clean burning masonry fireplaces also meet UL 127 listed standards when installed according to manufacturer instructions.

Numerous studies have identified wood smoke as containing fine particles that can pose potentially serious public health risks. The Clean Air Act of 1970 has cut air pollution even as populations have risen. Yet today, according to the EPA, wood smoke from an estimated 12 million fireplaces and wood stoves continues to create significant health risks. In 2007 the EPA created the Burn Wise partnership program to ensure that cleaner outdoor wood-burning units are available to consumers. In October, 2008, the EPA moved to Phase 2 of the Burn Wise program and required that all residential wood-burning units installed after 1988 meet air quality guidelines.

Mason-Lite Pureburn fireplaces are designed to pass or surpass current air quality standards without the use of a catalytic converter, which can require mandatory annual maintenance and costly replacement during the life of the fireplace. Mason-Lite’s gas-assisted component eliminates the need for costly catalytic converters, thus reducing unit costs and installation time. In addition, Pureburn units have tested to 2.6 g/kg of emissions, placing them below voluntary EPA Phase 2 emission levels of 5.1 g/kg and making them more efficient that GreenTech Solutions Isokern units, once considered the industry gold standard.

The EPA Burn Wise program also emphasizes the importance of lowering emissions through education on proper wood-burning practices through simple changes to their fire-starting and -burning routines Suggestions include choosing the best types of wood for burning, burning only well-seasoned wood that has been split properly, maintaining consistently hot fires, and using proper wood storage practices. (Visit for more tips and ways to maintain a safe-burning fireplace.)

Homebuyers will pay extra for a fireplace, considered by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association to be among the top three desired features requested by new home buyers (1). Mason-Lite Pureburn units can result in savings of up to 50 percent over hand-built masonry fireplaces. Mason-Lite concrete fire boxes are the lightest in in their class in terms of weight and highest in terms of heat-resistant strength. Because of our lightweight design, Mason-Lite Pureburn units can be installed throughout multi-level homes.

Mason-Lite fireplace systems can be installed indoors our outdoors and accommodate wood, natural gas and propane gas systems. We design our units with safety in mind and all of our systems comply with UL 127 and UL 103 chimney component standards for factory-built fireplaces installation. They also come with a 10-year limited warranty. Our easy, “no-mess installation” means faster completion time and results in lower installation costs.

Masonry Fireplace Industries will custom build units to your specifications. We also offer gas-burning fireplaces, vent-free fireplaces, fire pits, the Toscana wood-fired pizza oven, and masonry accessories. For more information on bringing the beauty and warmth of a clean-burning fireplace into your home or business, visit or call 800-345-7078. We can also be found at,, or follow us at

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By Tamie Meck

January, 2015

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