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More and more of the US is moving towards Gas Burning Fireplaces, in certain areas they are the required rather than wood burning fireplaces.  To those new to the B-vent fireplace systems, they are most easily described as a fireplace with reduced emissions due to the amount of BTUs put out by the burner, which in turn allows for a smaller B- Vent chimney flue.

The Mason-Lite B-Vent Fireplaces come with a standard 10″ Flue hole,  this is a great advantage when it comes to  projects with reduced framing requirements. Our B-Vent fireplaces all pass the ANSI-Z 21 . 50 Gas Fireplace Standard. Mason-Lite B-Vent Fireplaces come in three standard sizes:

MGFP39 (39″): 65,000 BTU’s (natural gas)

MGFP39 (44″): 65,000 BTU’s (natural gas)

MGFP39 (49″): 80,000 BTU’s (natural gas)

Some advantages to B-vent Fireplaces are that they are much easier to control the amount of fuel that is burned by your fireplace. Also, They do not require a large wood pile in your yard and or house. For jobs that require the advantages of the B vent fireplace Mason-Lite has the answer.

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