Welcome to Mason-Lite Architectural Drawings. Mason-Lite is the lightest weight modular masonry fireplace made and has all code approvals for installation on wood floors and outdoor installations. Below are drawings that can be implemented into any working drawings for any upcoming projects. Please select from the three formats below. If you have any questions feel free to email us. For future updates on new products please register here.




63″ Mason-Lite Fireplace
49″ Mason-Lite Fireplace
44″ Mason-Lite Fireplace
43″ See-Thru Mason-Lite Fireplace
39″ Mason-Lite Fireplace
33″ Mason-Lite Fireplace
Vent-Free System
Vent-Free See Thru

Rumford Style Fireplaces

MFP33-RM- 33″ Rumford Style Fireplace
MFP39-RM- 39″ Rumford Style Fireplace
MFP44-RM- 44″ Rumford Style Fireplace
MFP49-RM- 49″ Rumford Style Fireplace
MFP63-RM- 63″ Rumford Style Fireplace

Traditional B-Vent Fireplaces

MGFP39- 39″ B-Vent Fireplace
MGFP44- 44″ B-Vent Fireplace
MGFP49- 49″ B-Vent Fireplace
MGFPST43- 43″ See Thru B-Vent Fireplace

Linear B-Vent Fireplaces

48″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
60″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
72″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
84″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
96″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
108″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
120″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace
48″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
60″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
72″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
84″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
96″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
108″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)
120″ Linear B-Vent Fireplace (No Trough)


Mason-Lite Fireplace Stacking
Wood & Concrete Installation
Masonry Chimney  Specifications
Corner Installation

Instruction Manuals

Wood Burning Manuals
Standard Wood Burning (MFP33/39/44/49/63)
Standard Wood Burning (MFP33/39/44/49/63) (FRENCH INSTRUCTIONS)
Standard Wood Burning (MFP33/39/44/49/63) (SPANISH INSTRUCTIONS)
See-Thru (MFPST43)
Pureburn Installation
Pureburn Electronic Ignition Installation
Metal Base Installation
Wood Burning Clearance Mantel Guide
B-Vent Instruction Manuals
Gas B-Vent (MGFP39/44/49)
See-Thru Gas B-Vent (MGFPST43)
LMFP Linear B-Vent Manual
Vent Free Instruction Manuals
Vent Free Manual
See Thru Vent Free Manual
Virginiana Vent Free Burner Manual
Gas Burner Instruction Manuals
Opalescence LED Linear Burner Manual (For LMFP units with Trough)
Virginiana Standard Burner Manual
Virginiana See Thru Burner Manual
Alpine Burner Manual (For LMFP units with Trough)
Pizza Oven Instruction Manual
Toscana Pizza Oven
Toscana Golia Pizza Oven Manual
Toscana Golia Pizza Oven Spec
Pizza Oven Cooking Article
Fire Ring Instruction Manual
 Mason-Lite Fire Ring (Discontinued)
Various Application Instruction Manuals
Mason-Lite Specification Sheet
Pre-Installation Checklist
Fireplace Installation Information
Firebrick Per Unit and More
Certified Mason-Lite Mason Certificate
Homeowner Curing Instructions
Mason-Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty
Mason-Lite MAP Pricing
Accessory Instruction Manuals
Masonry Arch
Firebrick Liner
Damper Block Installation
Masonry Chimney Documents
Masonry Chimney Installation (with offset)
Masonry Chimney Specifications
Masonry Chimney Stack Example
Flooring, Footing & Hearth Documents
Recessed Flooring Installation
CMU Base Layout
Footing for Outdoor Fireplace
Hearth Rebar Locations (All Sizes)
Seismic Zoning Map
Custom Unit Documents
 Chimney Sizing Chart
 Custom Unit Instructions
DuraChimney Documents
DuraChimney II Catalog & Instructions
DuraTech Catalog & Instructions
Duravent Type B Gas Vent Catalog & Instructions
Enervex Documents
RS Chimney Fan Specs & Instructions
ADC 100, ADC 150 Fan Speed Control
RSHT Chimney Fan Specs & Instructions
Listing Documents
ESR Report (Includes LABC and LARC)
S1 Report
Radco Linear Report

Custom Unit Order Forms


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