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Please read “Preparing your Mason-Lite Pizza Oven for use” Below prior to reading this article.

The Toscana Pizza Oven will work with both store-bought pizzas and homemade pizzas. Note that the thicker the crust and dough, the longer and more difficult the pizza will be to cook. You will want to place your pizza on a large, flat surface or a pizza peel before prepping and placing into the oven. Pro Tip: It is VERY important to put a sprinkling of cornmeal under the dough before placing on the pizza peel. The cornmeal helps the dough to slide freely on the pizza peel. Once the pizza is on the peel you can now add sauce and toppings of your choice.  Please pre-cook any meat toppings that you would like to use. Once your pizza has the sauce and toppings desired you can bring it out to the Pizza Oven area. When you feel ready to cook the unit you will want to the spread the coals to the sides and use a BBQ brush most of the ash to the sides and back. If you have an infrared thermometer you can check that the firebrick temperature is at least 500+ Degrees Fahrenheit. Once you are comfortable with the heat you can slide the pizza into the oven and shuffle the pizza off the peel directly onto the firebrick centered in the oven. After 30 seconds to a minute you will want to use a steel spatula to lift and rotate the pizza. This is very important because the rear firebrick does tend to retain the heat better than the brick closer to the opening. You will want to continue to rotate the pizza as needed until all portions of the pizza are thoroughly cooked. Enjoy! article 2/3

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