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Note: This unit is 100% custom . Before placing an order, contact your local building department for applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations required for installation. Drawings provided may not be drawn to scale. The dimensions of this unit have been calculated to include space for approx. 1/8” mortar joints between Mason-Lite pieces. (Larger mortar joints will cause inconsistent dimensions). We do not supply the angle iron for lintel support required with these units Structural Engineering may be required, please check with local SE on the project to ensure appropriate structural support. Any See Through, Multi-sided, or oversized units we recommend the use of an exhaust fan to insure a proper draft. Custom fireplaces may require more outside air than is available through the unit, we do not calculate nor provide additional outside air unless otherwise stated. Outside air kits are sold separately. Fireplace Accessories do not have a UL Listing which may be required by your building department. This fireplace is non-refundable and requires a 50% deposit on order and 50% upon shipment. The quoted price will be valid for 6 months from the day it was quoted.(Required)