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Mason-Lite would like to introduce 3 new products that we are excited to offer for our customers. These new products include the Fireplace Surround System, the Outdoor Patio Bar System and a new Customizable Fire Ring.

The Fireplace Surround System has been designed to give the Installer of our Mason-Lite Fireplaces multiple advantages for an outdoor Installation of our Firebox Kits. The surround is comprised of panels that are screwed together quickly and easily to form a rectangular box around the Mason-Lite unit. The system makes the addition of stone, brick or other finishing products fast, and simple. The surround comes in one standard overall dimension that fits MFP33-MFP63 Units (The only parts that will be different between units are the side panels that will fit to the width of the opening).

The second product we are introducing is our patio bar system, which involves linking multiple Masonry patio pieces together to create a custom patio bar to your liking. The dimensions are 2″ by 25″ by 35″ . These patio bar pieces are the missing links to tying an entire backyard living area together. Some products that could be connected through patio bar pieces include: Any Mason-Lite Fireplace, The Toscana Pizza Oven, the Mason-Lite Fireplace surround system, BBQ’s and other appliances as well.

Lastly, we have had many reviews lately that sparked the creation of an unfinished Fire Ring. The unfinished Fire Ring allows the customer to finish their Fire Ring with whichever surrounding material they would like (ex. brick, stone, etc.) This gives our customers endless possibilities to the design of their Mason-Lite Fire Ring. The Fire Ring has an outer diameter of 48″ and an inner diameter of 40″ . We also offer an optional top cap that will cover up to two inches of finishing material.



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