Our lightweight, gas burning masonry fireplaces are taking the hearth industry by storm

Complete with realistic logs, a remote control, and safety features, these fireplace systems are attractive on or off and have superior thermal output.

Available in 39″, 44″, and 49″ units, our 10″ B-vent systems add value and elegance to a home without the mess and hassle of old fashioned, wood-burning fireplaces. Also, the MGFP43ST See Through is now available and utilizes 12” b-vent and comes with RH Peterson gas logs.  Designed for easy, multi-floor installations, our lightweight masonry fireplace systems meet all necessary U.S. building codes for outdoor / indoor construction.

Product Specifications

* These are actual product sizes. Please add 4 inches for framing clearances. Please refer to the gas burning instruction manual for specifics.


MFP 39 43″ 39″ 30¼” 27¾” 63½” 950
MFP 44 48″ 44″ 35¼” 32¾” 63½” 1200
MFP 49 53″ 49″ 40¼” 37¾” 63½” 1250

All Single sided B-Vent Fireplaces come standard with a Mountain Crest Oak gas log set by RH Peterson. The MGFPST43 See Thru B-Vent Fireplace comes with a Beautiful See Thru Grand Canyon Gas Log Set.












Mountain Crest Oak log set shown above.


Grand Canyon Weathered Oak log set shown above.

Product Features & Benefits

  • A fireplace system complete with a set of R.H. Peterson “Real-Fyre” realsitc gas logs, designed with rich detail to replicate the natural beauty of wood.
  • Clean and Environmentally Friendly: Gas-burning fireplaces have lower outputs of carbon monoxide, pollutants, and particulate mattter compared to wood-burners.
  • Convenient, No-Mess Operation: Free from sparks and long-burning embers, no chimney cleaning, no messy ashes or wood chips, no wood storage space needed.
  • Superior Warmth in Three Sizes:*
    • MGFP39 (39″): 65,000 BTU’s (natural gas)
    • MGFP44 (44″): 65,000 BTU’s (natural gas)
    • MGFP49 (49″): 80,000 BTU’s (natural gas)
    • * Also available for Propane
  • Smaller Flue (10″ instead of 14″, 12″ instead of 16″ for See Thru) for reduced framing requirements. Architects love it.
  • Compliant with ANSI-Z 21.50 Vented Decorative Gas Appliances
  • Handheld remote control for turning the gas on or off
  • Electronic ignition with battery backup
  • Safety shutoff feature for fail-safe operation
  • Utilized industry standard 10″ B-Vent chimney
  • Optional firebrick colors and patterns for an authentic fireplace look-and-feel.


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Gas Burning FAQs

Gas-burning models: MGFPST43, MGFP39, MGFP44, MGFP49.


Q: Can I install this fireplace outside

A: Yes. It is listed for BOTH indoors and out doors. Unit must be in an outdoor living space that has shelter from direct weather.


Q: Is this fireplace safe?

A: Yes. It has been tested to the ANSI Z21.50 for gas fireplace and is listed by PFS testing laboratories. Of course you must follow the operating instructions.


Q: Can I install the fireplace on a wood floor?

A : Yes


Q: Can I burn wood in this gas fireplace?

A: NO!


Q: What type of chimney do I use on this fireplace?

A: The fireplace has been tested with B- Vent chimney. Follow the instructions for safe installations.


Q: Can I install a glass door on the fireplace?

A: Yes, Follow the manufacturers instructions and always have doors in the fully open position when using the fireplace.


Q: Do I need firebrick inside the firebox?

A: Yes: MFI can supply firebrick panels for easy installation or a mason can lay firebrick inside the firebox.


Q: Can I install a see-thru Gas burning fireplace?

A:  Yes. The MGFPST43


Q: Can I install this gas fireplace in a bedroom?

A: This depends on the local building codes. The fireplace is safe but you have to follow the building codes.


Download our product data sheet for more details on the Mason-Lite fireplace system.

Download the Instruction Manual

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