Hardscapes North America Trade Show 2019

September 5, 2019

Mason-Lite will be exhibiting at the HNA October 16-18, 2019 in Louisville. Be sure to visit us in booth #28038!
Mason-Lite Masonry Fireplace provides a selection of traditional and contemporary modular masonry fireplace kits that cost up to 50% less than hand-built masonry fireplace alternatives, and are up to 50% lighter weight than our competitors.  Mason-Lite offers beautiful fireplace options for indoor and outdoor applications.
Please take a moment to view our brief video showing the ease and quickness of installation. http://youtu.be/n6uN3wbyilc
And please visit our MEDIA page on our website www.mason-lite.com for additional videos and information.
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Product Mix Improvement

November 14, 2018

Attention Mason-Lite Customers,
At Mason-lite we always strive to progress in both Product and Service quality. This month we are enacting a product improvement that will increase our production and quality of our Fireplaces. As many of you know, for years we have been offering a “Dry Mix” product for our standard MFP33, MFP39, MFP44, and MFP49. Reserving a wet mix (Our traditional formula) for our more unique fireplaces such as the MFP63, MFP75, MFPST43 and all custom fireplaces. Through new engineering practices we have developed production practices to allow all standard depth units to be made entirely with Dry Mix Parts.
–       Extremely tight fit and finish
–       Increased accuracy in level and square (Fewer to no shims needed)
–       Parts will match in color and texture
–       Increased rate of production
–       Increased rate of replacement part production (When needed)
We are excited for you to see and feel the improved quality going forward. For now, the photo below is a good sample of what is to come (Shown Dry-stacked). Please contact us with any questions about the new design.
The Mason-Lite Team

Prop 65

August 30, 2018

In accordance with the State of California, Fireplace Doors Online is advising consumers of special warnings for products that contain chemicals above certain threshold levels per California Proposition 65.


  • The general Proposition 65 notice is as follows:
    • WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Proposition 65 notice for brass components is as follows:
    • WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Proposition 65 notice for risk of carbon monoxide (CO) including fire pit appliances, burners with valve kits, and individual burners is as follows:
    • WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide (CO), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Proposition 65 notice for wood products is as follows:
    • WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding, or machining wood products generates wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Use a respirator or other safeguards to avoid inhaling wood dust.
For more information, click here for www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

HNA 2018

August 2, 2018



Mason-Lite Masonry Fireplace provides a selection of traditional and contemporary modular masonry fireplace kits that cost up to 50% less than hand-built masonry fireplace alternatives, and are up to 50% lighter weight than our competitors.  Mason-Lite offers beautiful fireplace options for indoor and outdoor applications.


Please take a moment to view our brief video showing the ease and quickness of installation.  http://youtu.be/n6uN3wbyilc

And please visit our MEDIA page on our website www.mason-lite.com for additional videos and information.

Thanking you in advance for your interest in Mason-Lite Fireplaces, we invite you to save 50% on your HNA registration! And, be sure to visit us in booth #26003! Just click on the link below for your discount


AIA Conference of Architecture 2018

July 16, 2018

We hope you had a chance to see us this year at the AIA Conference 2018. Our Linear fireplaces were a dream for the architect attendees. We even had a couple of film crews stop by! Please click the link below to watch our interview. We will be back next year in Las Vegas, NV if you missed us this year. See you then.


HPBA 2018 Nashville TN

March 28, 2018

We had a great time this year at the HPBA show in Nashville TN. We had a beautiful 10’ x 20’ Booth with a huge 72” Linear Mason-Lite stone finished unit in it. The Linear Mason-Lite had a beautiful set of three Dimplex mist burners that were so realistic we had many attendees reaching in to see if it was a real fire. Although we used a vapor burner for the linear fireplace, it was built to handle any gas burner that would fit properly in the opening. We also showed a clean mortared MFP44 with a half set of panels in it. We really enjoy the half finished look to give the customers a great feel for how our brick panels fit in the unit, while still showing the unfinished product that they are able to then finish in any local firebrick, in any pattern desired. Both units were shipped from our Riverside factory fully mortared on on metal bases. This is a testament to our seismic strength that they were able to ship LTL from Southern California all the way to the Nashville TN fully assembled. We appreciate every one that was able to stop by our booth and check out our great units. We look forward to next year in Dallas TX where we will be increasing our booth size by 50% to show you even more! Whether you made it out to the HPBA show in Nashville or not we look forward to seeing you in Dallas TX in 2019!
















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Not sure your pizza is thoroughly cooked?

January 8, 2018

Not sure your pizza is thoroughly cooked?

Pro Tip: When you feel confident that the pizza is fully cooked, we recommend doing what we call a “Tent Test”. The tent test consists of sliding your spatula under the middle of the pizza and tilting the spatula up. If the dough is still flexible and creates a “tent” of sorts, then you need to keep the pizza in the oven longer. The desired effect is that when you lift in the center, the outer edges lift as well. If you pull the pizza out and the dough is not fully cooked, cover the brick with coals again for a couple minutes and then put the undercooked pieces back in. If you feel your pizza is burning at any point, you can pull the pizza out for a minute for the brick to cool or spread the coals farther away if the edges are burning. When cooking multiple pizzas, we recommend you spread the coals over the cooking area again to make sure the brick stays hot- generally a minute or two will do. You are now ready to place the next pizza into the oven. If you are planning to cook multiple pizza over a longer period of time, you may need to add wood to replenishing your coal bed.  Please keep in mind, these ovens are not designed for commercial use and should not be used as such. A lot of your pizza making adventures will be trial and error. The most important thing is to have fun with it and be creative!


Please send in photos or stories of your experience with our Pizza Oven to our CONTACT US form.

Additional information to help you make the perfect pizza.

November 20, 2017

Please read “Preparing your Mason-Lite Pizza Oven for use” Below prior to reading this article.

The Toscana Pizza Oven will work with both store-bought pizzas and homemade pizzas. Note that the thicker the crust and dough, the longer and more difficult the pizza will be to cook. You will want to place your pizza on a large, flat surface or a pizza peel before prepping and placing into the oven. Pro Tip: It is VERY important to put a sprinkling of cornmeal under the dough before placing on the pizza peel. The cornmeal helps the dough to slide freely on the pizza peel. Once the pizza is on the peel you can now add sauce and toppings of your choice.  Please pre-cook any meat toppings that you would like to use. Once your pizza has the sauce and toppings desired you can bring it out to the Pizza Oven area. When you feel ready to cook the unit you will want to the spread the coals to the sides and use a BBQ brush most of the ash to the sides and back. If you have an infrared thermometer you can check that the firebrick temperature is at least 500+ Degrees Fahrenheit. Once you are comfortable with the heat you can slide the pizza into the oven and shuffle the pizza off the peel directly onto the firebrick centered in the oven. After 30 seconds to a minute you will want to use a steel spatula to lift and rotate the pizza. This is very important because the rear firebrick does tend to retain the heat better than the brick closer to the opening. You will want to continue to rotate the pizza as needed until all portions of the pizza are thoroughly cooked. Enjoy! article 2/3

Preparing your Mason-lite Pizza Oven for use.

November 7, 2017

Preparing your Mason-Lite Pizza Oven for use.

This article will help you through some of the common questions and practices of using Pizza Ovens manufactured by Mason-Lite. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your Pizza Oven has fully cured before you start to use it. This means waiting 28 Days after the installation as well as following our first firing process. Please see instructions for more information on curing process. Once the Mason-Lite Pizza Oven is cured and pre-fired, you are ready for your first cooking experience. You will want to warm the Pizza Oven up over 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. These times may vary due to the moisture content and type of wood being used. The Mason-Lite Pizza Ovens perform best with dry hard woods. Start your fire as you would a traditional fireplace with kindling. We do not recommend using accelerants or accelerant logs as they may contain chemicals that will contaminate your cooking surface. We do not recommend using more than three 2”-3” diameter by 12” long logs at any given time. Once your logs are thoroughly heated you can use a fireplace poker to break them up into a bed of coals. You will want at least a half inch to an inch of coals in the center of the firebrick to make sure the brick stays hot. Now you’re ready to make your pizza!  Article 1/3

Vent Free Fireplaces

August 8, 2017

Vent Free fireplaces are growing in popularity across the United States. Just some of the advantages of a Mason-Lite Vent Free fireplace include:

    • No chimney expense
    • Ability to add a fireplace in areas that vented fireplaces would not allow (ex. Below a window)
    • Reduced BTU expenditure (less gas usage=lower monthly gas bill)
    • More radiant heat in your living space
    • Reduced installation time to its’ wood burning fireplace equivalent (under two hours)
    • Outdoor fireplace applications allowing for an unobstructed view

The U.S. Fireplace regulations are constantly changing by state, as well as by city. Be sure to check your local building codes to confirm the proper, safe and legal installation for a Vent Free Fireplace in your area.

Mason-Lite designed our Vent Free fireboxes to have a small dome above the opening to give the illusion of a chimney above the unit. This design is beneficial for fireplaces with a raised hearth and gives you the negative space that a standard vented fireplace unit would show. For those who are very short on space we do offer a flat top version as well.

Please see our attached brochure for more information on Mason-Lite Vent Free Fireplaces.

Vent Free Brochure

Vent Free System Specs

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